Our Strength


Abhi Impact Logistics Solutions Private Limited offers to its clients specialized state-of-the-art customized and flexible solutions for warehousing and Inventory management based on JIT and FIFO.

  • Bonded & Non-Bonded Warehousing
  • Cold & Refrigerated Warehousing
  • Industrial Projects and Plant Shifting
  • Carrying and Forwarding
  • Yard Management

Pictures of our 100,000 Sq.Ft. warehouses at Wagholi, Pune

350,000 Sq.Ft. State of the art Warehouse available at Chakan

Bounded and non bounded warehouse

  • Meeting the warehousing needs for Various Types of Industries like Automobile, IT & Telecom, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, Consumer & Industrial manufacturing.
  • Provide all types of warehouses as per company need.
  • Provide infrastructure and material handling equipments.
  • Manage the resources needed for Logistics activity.
  • Providing the Office and IT infrastructure.

Management of Implant / Conventional Warehouse

  • Proper Handling of material.
  • Storage and Preservation of Raw material, spare parts and Consumable
  • Operating in in-house (at factory) or external store facility
  • Maintaining quality needs as per ISO, TS
  • Meet the Environmental and Safety needs laid by EMS and OSHAS
  • Implementation of System like FIFO, LIFO, Kaizen, 5S, Kanban
  • Continues process Improvements
  • Process Oriented Operation

Spare Part Distribution

  • Management of Service Spares Inbound and outbound operations
  • Storage and management of spare parts, Bought-out parts and Consumable.
  • Packing the spares as per requirement. Various solutions are Provided
  • Planning the dispatches through the distribution network.
  • Maintain the quality, environmental and safety norms

Distribution of finished product

  • Operate in in-house or external store facility.
  • Storage and management of Finish Goods.
  • Labeling and Bar-coding
  • Specialization in export worthy packing.
  • Provide best known Packing and Packaging solutions.
  • Dispatch through the Distribution network

Cross docking

  • Cross docking is a relatively new logistics technique used in the retail industry
  • Transfer incoming shipments directly to outgoing trailers without storing them in between.

Managing Gas Storages

  • Manage Gas inventory
  • Handling Gas like Hydrogen, Argon, CO2, Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders & Capsules
  • Maintaining filled and empty cylinder yards

Managing Cold Storages

  • Provide Cold Chambers and Air conditioned warehouses for Pharmaceuticals, Agro Industries, Food Products, Perishable Products
  • Shelf life monitoring and validation of products